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Promoting ethical breeding and responsible ownership of healthy dogs

Hybrid Breeders Association


The Hybrid Breeders Association (HBA) is an organisation whose primary goal is to promote responsible and ethical breeding of healthy dogs - whatever their breed.

We have four main goals:


  1. To promote a code of ethics and best practice in breeding

  2. To promote breed specific health testing in all breeding dogs

  3. To research and identify health trends in hybrid dogs

  4. To assist the buying public in making the right choices


What is the Hybrid Breeders Association?

The Hybrid Breeders Association (HBA) is a network of ethical dog breeders all of whom have been endorsed by existing HBA Trusted Breeders, and who practice responsible breeding and exercise the highest standard of animal welfare - in line with our values.

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What is Planned Pethood?

We’re here to help if you are either looking for a much loved dog, or if you are a current owner facing the very difficult decision of finding a new family for your beloved pet.

We’re also here to help people who are looking to source a puppy from an ethical breeder and want to know where to look, what to ask and what to look out for.

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